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The dreams of my life reflects the events in my life. I have thousands and thousands of dreams. Some are so real and impressive and unforgetable. They are revelations and future predictions. Some told me what my life will be and what I will be doing. They give me directions from God. One of my most impressive dream is about an angel of God name Gabriel came to me and showed me the true church and he called a prophet to restore the gospel to the earth. This dream is revealed under the title angel Gabriel on the left panel. Another dream is about the spirit world that I visited many times, one is paradise and the other is the spirit prison. Spirits that I saw there and what and how they were like. This dream is revealed under the name spirit world on the left panel. Another dream is about the visit of Jesus Christ and the atonement that I saw. This is revealed under the name Jesus Chris Testimony on the left panel. There are other dreams that are very important to me and they are in different name representing what the dream was about. Some dreams just forthtold the future on my personal life. Some are 6 months earlier or 1 month earlier. It is hard to tell the time. After so many years of experience, it tells me God's time is different from my time. God's time is told by events after events and not by a particular time like years and date as we counted. Therefore if we wants to know certain things to come, we go by the events to count it. Some can be counted by the events in the bible in the book of Revelation. You are welcome to sent me your comments to ellis7322@hotmail.com. Please share your dreams with me by writing to me and I can post it here to share with other people. Written by Ellis Li, dated October 17, 2009.

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