The Power of God

The Power of God

Many times I was attacked by evil spirit in my dreams. When I saw them, my tongue cannot move and cannot speak. It seems like I was tighten on my neck and my whole body was stiff. I can only do a silent prayer, then I have strength to yell out, then those evil spirits are gone once I yell out. Words are power. God command all things by words.

On July 7, 1999, the window was widely opened. That night in dream, I saw a ghostly figure came in from the window.  He was trying to take me and grubbed me on my hand.  I saw myself sleeping on the upper floor of my bed (my bed is one single bed with no upper bed) which means my spirit was sitting on the 4 feet floor above my bed.  I saw that ghostly skinny figure with a star face, green in his whole body and short less then four feet, he wear a piece of cloth as his skirt and naked at his upper body, tried to grub me, I was very frighten, so I did a silent prayer and ask that God will drive him away.
The next thing I saw was a strong power ( a pilar of light) coming from my palm push away this ghostly figure, powerful as it looks, push him far away in seconds and he disappear.   Then I awake right away .    From this dream, I have seen the power of God rest upon me to help me to cast away the evil spirit. I can also see how weak we are as human being. We have no power at all, and God's power is so much powerful then the power of Satan. Although as a woman, I don't have the priesthood like men do. And yet I feel this power when I needed God's help, especially when I am facing the devil in dreams. Certainly power does not come unless we ask in prayer. I can imagine how wonderful to have the priesthood of God and exercise it in righteousness to perform God's service to help other people. Priesthood is the power of God to act in his name.

Many times when I watch those horror movies, it just describes how hopelessly when the power of Satan was overshadow those people and they feel so helpless, and they don't know how to overcome it. At the end of the movies, most people just die without any good ending. I am here to testify that the power of God is so much greater then the power of Satan. Evil power will never win. Righteousness is the way to go and because of it, it creates the power from God by prayer in the name of Jesus Christ to cast away devils. If we exercise our faith and righteousness, God will help us to cast away the evil spirits and we shall not fear. This is the promise of God to all people.

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Written by Ellis Li on Oct 21, 2009.