The Spirit World


My name is Ellis Li. When I was young around the age of eight, I had several dreams that lost in a dark tunnel. It was very dark. I couldnít even see my fingers in there. There were many spirits in the tunnel flying around going in one direction. I was always bring back by a man dressed in a white robe. Since that time, I had "out of body" experience and had constant visits with those places while I sleep. I also heard a manís voice talk to me in my mind and teach me the principles of good and evil. My spirit travels at night but I have no control of what I want to dream of or where to go in my dreams. In many of my dreams,I visit the spirit world and back. Then later on I found that there are two versions of the spirit world. One is the Paradise and the other is Spirit Prison. Most of the time I visit the Spirit Prison and it is a very dark place with lots of buildings and small spaces for spirits to dwell in. It is a very crowded place. Lots of spirits stay in one building. This place is not on the ground, it is around 7 feet above ground level and higher. Some spirits dwell in high mountains and some on the clouds. There are different spaces up there. Conferences and assemblies are done above cloud level. I've been there several times and when I looked down, I saw lights on earth similar to the view from an airplane. Sometimes I saw some of my dead relatives and talk with them there. My grandma died on April 2002. She came back to visit me on June 2002 in dream. When she died , she was almost 90 years old with a bended spine up to 75 degree. When she came to visit me, she looks around 40-50 years of age and have normal spine with vibrant energy. It is not easy to find certain people there, they find them by calling their name out loud, then the spirit will show up. The Spirit World is only a temporary place before our Resurrection. When I was young and not happy about life, I just left my body behind and went to the dark tunnel. Later on I found out that suicide will end up in the Spirit Prison and it is not the right thing to do. Although I did not intentionally kill myself. I just walked out from my body while sleeping and had no intention to come back. One dream in May of 1994, I actually was on the death roll lining up to be called up. It is a large hall of many thousands of square feet and high ceiling with bright lights. Lots of people wearing white clothing line up and wait for their chance to be registered to go to different spaces. When I get to the front of the line, a woman dress pink wearing a nurse hat said to me, ďYour time is not yet, go back, you have to learn a lesson? So the next minute I was in my bed again. The spirits travel in super speed. The weather here doesnít seem to affect them, since they always wear summer clothing.

One night in March of the year 2001, I dreamed that I was lead by a messenger to visit a place. It has a nice screen, beautiful mountains, rivers, bright clouds, sun and beautiful weather. There I was introduced to many couples (close to 300 couples) all in their 25-40 years of age spirits all wearing white. They dwelled in a village with nice houses. There were no kids there. There were no old people there. Being old is only a temporary condition of the physical body, our spirit stays the way they look at their very best, mature and most beautiful self. So there is no children spirit. A spirit is material yet a more refine type that our physical eyes cannot see, unless the veil has been lifted up from our eyes. A spirit weigh around 11 oz. according to some scientific studies. In the world they live, they can see the past, present and future at the same time. The messenger told me that they were my early ancestors going back to Adamís time. I did not remember any names, but was mentioned at the time of introduction. It seems like they were in Paradise because it is a completely different environment from the Spirit Prison and they did not requested to have any temple work to be done for them. Then I assumed their work have already been done for them by someone.But rather in the spirit prison, when I was where I was either teaching the gospel, doing missionary work and constantly talking with acquaintances or searching for people that need their work done. When the time I awoke back from the spirit world, my hands and feet were still cold, and it takes at least 15 minutes before I can get back warm again. While came back from there I had to cross a brown river, and the messenger has to show me how to cross them on foot.

There are different types of spirits in this world. There are pre-born spirits (never been born on this earth but was a guarding angel to someone here), passed away spirits (spirit that left their body after dead, some were also assigned to help their decendent on earth), evil spirits (those are the 1/3 that rebel against God and they stay as a spirit but follow Satan). There are several dreams that I had, I saw evil spirits that came to attack me. They look just like a regular person with modern clothing (T shirt & cowboy pants), but they like to attack. Once they show up in my dream, I feel my throat was cloak up and cannot speak.They have certain type of power that make you motionless at the time, but once I speak out loud, they are gone. Words are the power and the commands of God and they try very hard to not let you speak. I was frightened at first and I learned to pray, and by prayer God give me the power to cast them away.One time I saw a pillar of light came out of my hand to cast them out. It is amazing of the power of God that goes against evil force. The power of God is enormous compare to the power of Satan. A lot of time I was being attacked by evil spirits, but I have learned the way to cast them away. Being a servant of God, we are under constant attack yet God will always be with us when we are faithful we shall not fear.The devil is real and those evil spirits are real. God is real. Jesus is real.


After we have moved to my current house at Bay Point, there are lots of spirits comes to my house to party at night. I saw them in my dreams many time, even my kids saw them in dreams.We sometimes compare dreams, and we find that we saw the same thing. Those spirits are many, and are so thick and hard to get thru them. Luckily they are not as violence as those evil spirits. You can tell the difference from the evil spirits from the passed away spirits, because they have no reason to harm you. For some reason they just like to stay there and refuse to leave. They like to come through an open window, although they can go thru walls, but for some reason they donít like that as much.


After my 3rd son was born, in dream I saw my 5th daughter came to me said that she wants to be born into my family. At the time, I really did not plan to have another baby. After I had my 4th son, she came to me again and asked to be born. I then said why donít she go to another family, I can adopt her later.She still showed up sometime and visit me for at least 3 times, then after 3 years has passed away, I finally decided to give her a chance. In my dream, she is like a teenager but looks fatter around 14 years of age, her face looks the same as she is now. When I first saw her in my dream, the Holy Ghost bore witness to me of who she was, then I knew that she was my future daughter. She later born in our family in 1996 named Rosanna.


What I am writing here is through many years of experience in dreams and things that I saw from the spirit world. You canít find these materials in any books. They are true and real experiences. I can be contacted at my email address




Written by Ellis Li on January 27, 2004