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Detail: A book contain 173 pages, 5-9/12"x 8-1/4" and 1/2" thick filled with pictures. 


Elder Stanley Tak-Chung Wan, President of the China Hong Kong Mission from 1997-2000, has just finished his new book documenting his life and memories growing up in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Hong Kong and specifically his experiences surrounding his life in and around Kom Tong Hall.


Kom Tong Hall is a mansion in the Midlevels of Central that served as a Chapel and Asia Area Office for the LDS Church until the summer of 2005 when the new Wan Chai building was completed and it was given back to the Hong Kong Government to become a historical museum.


Elder Wan was born in the LDS Church and lived for most of his young life in Kom Tong Hall while his father served as the custodian for that building. During much of his adult life, Elder Wan worked in Kom Tong Hall as the Area Welfare Manager for the Asia Area of the Church. Elder Wan has personally witnessed the miraculous spread of the gospel throughout Hong Kong and the Asia Area, and possesses a unique perspective into the Church's growth and impact in that part of the world.


His new book captures his insight and memories in vivid and inspirational detail. It is written in both Chinese and English and is filled with brilliant color pictures of the Hong Kong area.