My Journal, by Ellis Li

I do not know where to start my book, may be I will started by telling about my life story.  When I was about 6 or 7 years old, I was studying at Ellis Kardoli Elementary School as first grade.  All my classmates were either Indians or Chinese. I also got many English names chosen from one of the teachers there. There I met Mariam Salim, she is a Pakastian.   Those days I always went to church with my grandmother, Leung Lai Wah at the St Marys Catholic Church in Happy Valley, Hong Kong and Mariam came along with us too.  She joined that church after we moved to Hawaii.  Although I went to church, but I never believed everything the peacher said.  I studied first grade at Sacred Heart School and changed school and studied 1st grade again at Ellis Kardoli Elementary School, and Sacred Heart have Bible course required.  I learned about Jesus Christ and God there, and this is where I learned how to pray to God at first, we prayed by the set prayer as I learned from the School.   Then I learned to talk to God through my mind and I have heard a man's voice talking to me since that time.  He taught me how to be a good girl, study, and how to treat people, and what to be expected of me by God.  Although my parents taught me some manner, but mostly I was taught by this voice, mainly because my parent argues a lot during those days, my father like to gamble and so does my mom.  Life is difficult especially in finance, my father gambled a lot because he was unable to make enough money for the family, and he won and bless by it sometimes.  God knows what we needs, gambling is not a good habit, but sometimes God will use other means to help us if he knows we need money financially badly.  Besides that my parent worked in the daytime, so I learn mostly from movies, and the man's voice that talk to me all the time.   You may ask how can I learn from the movies of good things.  Well, I can tell you is, life including everything whether it is good or whether it is bad, they all have consequence upon what you do,  and whatever you do have certain consequence follow, and that is what I learned from movies  are the life philosophy of what they showed.  Because of this voice that always talk to me, my teachers during the 4th and 5th grade teacher, reported on my report card that I was always talking to myself and always daydreaming, which I know exactly what I am doing at that time.  I am not lost except I am not so crazy about studying books; I like to draw faces.  Those days, I was constantly told that money is not that important, but integraty is, so that give me the concept of I do not want to study, because money is not important, even my parent told me that also.  If I were to be taught that money is important then I might be more conscious about studying in the early years.

My early life is very poor, during my 1st grade; we lived in a car garage with no restroom or bathroom.  We have to go down the building one block away to make the big one.  To bath, we have a small room to bath.  Since I am still a young child at that time I was afraid of the dark, so every time when I went to restroom at that building, I have to prayed to God for protection because there were many roamers that there were ghosts at those restroom appeared, and many times I do have to go by myself along when my sister A is not available.  Me and my sister A did not get along very well since young, we fight a lot, may be she was envied that I got luck on winning prizes from painting pictures either from school or from newspaper.   I have won a lot of prizes from newspapers, one of them are "The Lion and I", which Fung Po Po was the star to give this prize, it was a man's watch.  In school I got a lot of recognition from the classmates and the teachers in art.  A studied in Sacred Heart, so we are in different school.
There were some dreams that I like to record at this age, I was not very happy at life during this time, and constantly my spirit had left my body during sleep.
I went to a very dark place, and sometimes I was bought back by a guy who wear white dress.  At that age, I really do not know that commit suicide is a sin, leaving my body will take me to a dark place, instead of the better one.  There were several times I went into this black tunnel and there were lots of spirits passing by me and lots of sounds.
I have been having dreams like these a lot and sometimes dreams about the future and it did come true after a few months.

Before the 5th grade, I was brought one time by my parents to the Buddha's temple to pray for the drink on better school work, and during that year I have the most difficult time, because of the Mrs. Ho, my class teacher had been giving me a hard time, and constantly pinched on my face.  Other student said she likes me, but I don't think so.  During that year I also won a singing prizes, which is the second prizes on the song for "Mother is the Best".  Although my grade did better this year and not so much "Red Mark", but I have a very difficult time this year, this could be because I was following the Buddha because of that certain tea that I drank, instant of following Jesus Christ.  All that year my mind was trouble and my mind was not peaceful at all like before.  I did not have that inter-peace that I used to have.  After that year, I did prayed again to God, so the life was much peaceful after that.

After my 6th grade, we moved again to an apartment next to Mariam S. and my parent have experienced financial difficulty and got evicted from that apartment by the owner because of no rent paid, and my father was constantly gambling, so after that we moved to my grandfather's place to live at a small room at the back of them.

During my 13 years of age my whole family moved to Honolulu, Hawaii.  On the ship that we traveled there were so many boys that were 17-22 years of age. I think they were going to study College at the U.S.  Some went to Japan, like the one I met, I was crazy about him and I don't even know about it until I realize I liked him, but it was too late because he had got off at Tokyo Japan. We liked to play Table Tennis on the ship.  There was one boy name W. H. M.,he liked to follow me around the ship, so other boys call him "Old Hippie".  He liked arts and said he wants to learn from my father on that subjects, but I constantly told him that to study art then he would be poor, because he can't earn money from it like my father.  After we dock Honolulu, he constantly came to our house and offer us free rides, free services of all types so he could see me.  We went to learn Kung Fu with him for Hung Kuen for several months.  Guys on the boat always called him "Old hippy", so I called him that to make fun of him.  May be his feeling was hurt.  After awhile he didn't come  to see me no more.

On the ship me and my sister also met a girl name Cythia L. k. Y.  She has a sister like me and we became good friends and she was crazy about the Beatles, then I was too after that.   But she went to San Francisco and we just exchanged address and hope that we can meet again in the future.  After a few letters, she did not write any more and disappear from our life, because we can't found her any more.

There were my 2 uncles and my aunt met us at the Honolulu airport.  We were so impressed that they have cars, and nice houses to live at that time.  But when we saw our house we were not so impressed because of the environment and the neighbors that surrounded us.  There were those few teenagers always came to bother us, which we did not know what they wanted.  My father was trying to kept me and my sister away from them, may be my father thought that we were interested in them, but we hated those teenagers that always came by because they had displayed such a bad manner.
In school we saw them also, those teenagers constantly bothered us, we called them "Ca La Ghi" because they were mixed with Hawaiian blood and Spanish blood, this is what those Chinese in Hawaii called them.  In those days, I have forgotten about God and praying.  I was on my own; that time was hard and difficult, even though I did good in school and art.  I have won several art awards in National Standing.  My heart was not peaceful and always troubled by those teenagers that came by.  Our number three uncle did bought us to their church one time when we first arrived, but I did not like it when I was there.  Those people had displayed a feeling of hopeless.  What I've got from them is Jesus Christ was dead and only left us a Bible, and that's it.   There was no hope, no revelation, and no twelve apostles as said in the Bible.

About one and 1/2 years after, my father thought we should learned about God's word, so he sent a woman from Jevorah Witness to teach us a few lessons, actually she nock on our door and contacted us, and we went with her to their church one time, but I did not felt very good there.  There were a lot of Filipinos at that church, in meetings their faces was very dark with no light, and they have a preacher too.  I did learn a lot from the lessons taught by that woman but I could not accept one point, which is they did not believed there were spirits after or before life, the only thing that I learned is that Adam and Eve cannot have children until they fall and ate the Forbidden fruit.  One time when she was teaching us the lesson, the electric wire went bad and sprinkle with fire, and she was so scared and asked us to call the Fire Department.  We did called and the Fire Engine came, and at the same time we called an electrician also.  At that time, I thought this person was not very smart concerning this situation, because the Fire Engine cannot do anything and left everything to the electrician.  After that we did not take anymore lessons.  We also moved to apartment complex near by and we live there around one year then we moved to a street (can't remember the name) close to McKinley High School, and my father opened a restaurant there.  We were selling manapua since my father started the business way back at the first house that we lived in.

After high school graduation I went to University of Hawaii at Manoa Campus to study Architecture, although I received the scholarship in Art for 1 year.  On the 1st day of school, I met Colin K. when I was asking for direction. I also joined the HongKong student club at that time; I met a lot of people.  In between I also met Samuel W., who took me out for 1 week as he was here, then he went back to Hong KOng after. He is a journalist and had just experienced a failure in his love life.  Although he was very nice to me, but I felt that he was too aggressive and he was not right for me, basically because he drank wine and smoke, and I don't like that.  He asked me to marry him on his letter.

During my 1st year in college I had a religion class that taught me a lot on different aspects of religion.  At the end of that year around June 1973.  I have been searching for God and the purpose of life.  I have also been taught about meditation from other source.  During lunch and break times between classes I like to sit under the big tree on the circle cement chair and do meditation.  Every time when I did that there were big wind blowing and I felt like I have been talking to God and he is responding and giving me inspiration.  Also in this period I have a dream one night.  An angel of God came to me, he said he is Gabriel, the same angel that visit Mary and came to show me something.  He is a young man around 19 years old, with blond hair, nice feature on his face, wear white dress, with bear foot.  His countenance is bright and beautiful.  He told me to follow him and we reached a forest with many tall trees.  Me and him was standing in the air seven feet above the ground, and I saw a young boy about 13 years of age, trying to dig the ground and take out a set of gold plates with three ring bind to it.  Gabriel said this is the book of God and God will call him (this boy) as a prophet to translate it.  Gabriel told me a lot of things and prophecy at that time, which I can't remember any more now.
Gabriel also said I should try to translate this book and get the feel of the translation of this boy.  He also put his hand on my head and told me to try to translate this book. This dream was so real and when I awoke I could not able to go back to sleep anymore, I was kept thinking about the things I learned and knowing that God will call a prophet, but he did not tell me when and the time this will take place, but I do know that this will happened.

Some time in June 1973 I also met the missionaries of this church, which was 2 sisters, came to talk to me under the big tree. I did went up to the Institute to listen to what they are trying to tell me, but for some reason I did not able to get what they have told me because early before that day I have been tracked to buy a book call Dianetic and I did not want to buy another book no more, so I did not want to listen and to be talked to buy another book. I think they were trying to tell me at that time was about Christ in America and they said that this book is a history and I hated history, so I did not buy that book.  

Sometimes in one of the HKSC party I met Colin K again, and I told him that I like Table Tennis, so he invited me to go play tabletennis at the Institute, while we were there I met the sister missionaries again, their names were Sister Searl and Sister Austin.  They told Colin that I was their investigator a week ago and they were surprised to see me there and also they invited me to go to a firesight on Saturday evening.  So they get someone to pick me up to go to the firesight, I was very happy that night, and the speaker speak on the subject of chastity.  The next day I was invited to go to church at the Institute.  First they have relief Society and then Sunday School and then Sacrament was 3 hours after.  After Sunday school, the sister missionaries have taught me on the first lesson on Joseph Smith.  When I heard the story I felt I have heard it somewhere before, but I have forgotten about the dream about the angel.  I was trying so hard to think where I have heard this before, but still no result but for some reason I just know it is true and have no doubt in my mind that it is true.  I was so excited and I went home and told my sister A about it and she believe it too.  The next time when I went to the lesson I bought her along, but she was busy with her love life with Maurice at that time she was unable to come to church with me.

Before this first night I step into that church, I had a dream that I went in there and was rejoice.  On the next day, I told Colin about it, but he didn't seem amazed.  I was baptized in that building a month after.  During the time after my baptism, I got a lot of dreams. One of them was about my new name.  I was so curious about what my new name was, so the Lord reveal it in my dream, and when the time I did get my endowment.  The same new name was given and I have instantly remembered it was told and the same thing happened in my dream a few weeks earlier.  I was baptized on September 15, 1973 and Mini had come to my baptism that Saturday.  After baptism we went to a movie.
One year after my baptism I decided I want to go on a mission.  My mind was so excited about the gospel, which I really could not able to study, my grade was bad and my mind was unable to concentrate on schoolwork.  Before I went on my mission I did get my patriarchal blessing see if it will said another about a mission.  My branch president was President Hallstorm at the time and he felt that I shouldn't go.  After that I did show him my patriarchal blessing did said that I will be teaching the gospel, so we sent my paper in, the call came in and I was called to the Hong Kong Mission by President Kimball.  I have started my mission in June 1974. My Hong Kong Visa has been taking a long time, so my 1st two month spent in LTC in BYU of Hawaii and after that my visa still did not come, so I was staying with Sister Fitzerald on Honolulu mission for about 3 weeks, then finally I am able to go to Hong Kong.  My mission in Hong Kong is very spiritual and during that time I had recollection about this special dream that I had.  Then I understood where I got my testimony, which is this dream that give me this witness, it may not be just a testimony in this sense, it is more like a witness to God and to the whole world that God is alive and he sent angel to show those that are faithful of what is expected of and the things to come regardless whether they are members of the church or not, if they are faithful they will receive the witness from God.  During my mission I learned to discern
What is from the Holy spirit and what is not, by my own heartbeat, especially when we were knocking on doors, calling on phones.  My heartbeat did tell a lot of what is going to happen.  When my heartbeat feel peaceful then I know they were there, but if my heartbeat is beating fast and hard then I know they were not there.  As missionary we moved forward from investigator to investigator.  The Lord will just go on without stopping.  We would not stay and beg those who did not want to listen, we will just found those who were ready and willing to listen.  I got 22 baptisms from this experience during this one and a half year mission. To me, I have tried my best on this mission, I have not sick before, and neither take time off being lazy.  But if I were to do it again, I might do the same thing.  It was a pretty successful mission and I did reach my pike in spirituality as I enjoy the most in this period.  I also enjoy the ability to speak in tongue as directed by the Holy Spirit, and unconditionally teaching the gospel by the Spirit.

Within this period I met K. S. F., he was 19 years old at that time, he was a monkey year person.  I met him when we nock on his door and me and Sister Chow taught him the 8 lessons and he still did not accepted, but he had so much comments that we felt we should teach him more.  He did come to church but he never did accept the gospel due to his unbelief.  He wrote letters to me during the end of my mission, his beautiful handwriting of Chinese characters did attract me the most during that time.  Later my mission president found out that he wrote to me then we stopped writing.  Up to a point, he did asked me to marry him, but I refused and said that everything have waited until my mission was over. I was a little bit down during those times. 

One day, I was arranged to be the companion with Elder P. Y. K. for half a day.  We basically went checked on his few investigators and no meeting was done, then we were just keep talking before the night is over.  I asked him why only me and him, usually according to the mission rule they never put a sister and a brother for companion.  This is very strange, but he said everyone has to go somewhere, so only me and him left to be companion.

On December 1995, I went back home to Honolulu, K.'s  letters has become less and less and I found out that he had gone back to his old girlfriend, so we did break up finally. We have been writing letters these days, but never did gone out for a date.
During this time I had gone back to school to University of Hawaii as my third year.  I changed to Art instead of Architecture, because I did not get good grades on those subjects.  In between I have been going to the temple in BYU of Hawaii a lot on Saturdays.  In BYU I saw Stanley W. again.  There were a few guys that called me a lot at this time, one of them were Eddie Y., but it did not work out for us.  The first time I met Stanley W. was way back in 1974, when Bill K. came to our University Branch, and ask me and A whether we like to go to BYU Hawaii for a firesight or something which I can't remember, so we did go with him and there I met Stanley W..  I felt that he was so familiar to me, it seems like I known him before when I first saw him.  When the time I was on mission he and Colin K. were also at the same mission, but we hardly ever talk to each other.  At the Institute I met Kevin L.also and he went on the Hong Kong mission around a few months before I do.  He was the first local born Chinese guy I met in the church, so I just treat him as an ordinary friend.  When I saw him at Hong Kong he became a little heavier than before. I think he must have gain around 20 lbs. or so.  During my mission I also gain around 6 lbs. because of the required meals that we have to eat.  Although we have work very hard and always sleepy because of the required time to get up.  

In the Ward I also met Warren J.  He was a black guy and was divorced, had a little girl, and having a hard time because he was hitting so hard by Satan.  He had such an impressive testimony. During this time I had also prayed very hard for him so that the Lord will give him the Priesthood so he could be able to resist and fight Satan.  During this year the Priesthood did open for all brothers in the Church and was announced by President Kimball.  I was really impressed that the Lord did listen to my prayer, and because Warren have been such a good example before me, this prayer did come true. 

During these times, I wrote letters with some guys, including P Y K, Tommy T, C Y L., but none of them work out. I even made a trip to Cincinniti to visit Tommy T for a week, then I went down to L.A, this is the first time I visited Disneyland. I visited sister Cheng & her husband, Albert C, Sister Wong & her husband, plus my god-mother & her sons.

Before I went back to Hong Kong, sometime between June & July of 1979, I had a dream, I saw Jesus Christ came to visit me, confirmed his atonement which is still going on by showing me the actual burden and pressure. The appearance of Jesus Christ is so different from what I expected him to look like. He is not the pretty type, rather he looks more like a normal to ugly person. He also told me a name and said he lost his eternal blessing, which I don't quite understand it at the time and ask him "WHY?" He review it to me thru mind communication, yet I still don't understand. I said to the Lord, I have tried my best, it is not my fault. Since he has find his destiny, I will go and find my own destiny, he never choose me in the first place, why blame me for it. By the time he left, he felt very sad. This dream stuck in my mind for a long time. What the impression was, an eternal mate was already choosen before I came to earth and if I did not choose that one to marry, that is what happen to the result in life. Eternal blessing is a type of happiness that only that person can fulfill in life. So it does make a difference of who I choose and whom he choose. May be it is because I don't have enough faith, therefore whatever I choose does not turn out to be what the result I wanted. He said he believe in fate, especially in marriage, I said I don't, because I made whatever I want to be, could be that is why it does not turn out the way it should be. Because we did not choose the way it should go. By going to Hong Kong, it does change my life path. I did choose someone to marry there, not because I fall in love, just because I want to keep the commandment and that is the only way to heaven. After 22 years of marriage, I realized what the Lord told me is right. My marriage looks good to other people, but it is dry and empty inside. I tried to fill it, but I can't . At the beginning I told myself, I can learn to love, but after trying many years, the feeling is still the same. If you love you love, if you don't you don't. Brotherly love is always brotherly love and could never change to a different type of love. Never lie to yourself. Why am I so hypothcrate? Living for other people than myself. Now I understand what it means by eternal blessing being lost. If you never experience something, you can never understand what it means until you can experience it. I never did tell that person about this dream, because if I told him, he had no freedom of choice, but I want him to choose his path, not by what I told him to do. That is what God's example is, always give people their freedom of choice and never force on it . Even though he warned me about it, and yet the best result is he made his own choice. One day I was crazy and I told him about it, but he does not believe me. What ever it is true, Satan tried his best effort to destroy it and made it worst. It turned out that we are not even friends anymore. I always disagreed to that kind of attitude. One does not show Christ-like love this way. Brotherly love and care is always the best solution. If my X and I and can made peace and still communicate, why can't other people do the same? President Monson is very good example of that. His ward has many widows when he was a bishop. Many people are afraid of widows and divorced people, because they just fear of others will think they will hit on them. But he still cared and visited them. What a great example of charity.

I find that there are two type of people, one type is controlled by fate, and the other type is they control fate. These type will fight fate to the best they can. May be they are more successful because they believe in themselves more than they believe that some other force is controlling them.

Right after I came back from my mission.  There were several dreams that I like to record here.  One night my spirit had wondered around and left my body, when I got back I saw 4 evil spirits stepping and try to destroy my body (which was laying there on the bed) then I opened my mouth and try to commend them to leave (this technique I learned from the temple in the endowment), then these evil spirits had gone instantly. 

On December 1979, my sister A got married, and I have decided to go back to Hong Kong and finished up something I should have finished which I don't know at that time.

When I was at my sister's wedding, Allan(her husband) introduced me to one of his relatives for mating.  He was a non-member of the church, when I introduced the gospel to him, he was not interested, and he has such a temper, when we were looking for A's house in the car, he was very unpatience.

After that date, I heard A told me that his mother said if we were to get along, I have to give up the church and the gospel before they will approved me, so this had ended. For surely I would never give up the gospel and my church. My God know it and you will too.

After the wedding, I went back to Hong Kong.  First I did contact Issac C and told him that I came back, but he cannot meet me at the airport, only Mona C. was there to meet me.  I lived at L. C.K.'s home for a week, then I found a place in West Point, and started to look for jobs.

I got a temporary job at North Point right away.  Mini was in Hong Kong at the time, so I did go to see her and her uncle.  Issac C. did meet me after my arrival and he treated dinner, then I did not see him anymore.  One time he said that he had bought a vehicle (dark red in color) and take me for a ride.  Also Gregg (my brother) has a friend from College name C. S. H..  I contacted him and we found a place to meet at the pier, which had tell what dress I will be wearing and also wearing a red rose, so he can distinguish me there.  He did show up and he had a good time that day. He was borned of tiger year.  Basically he may not be a good match for me, accordingly to the book we may fight a lot if we did get married.  I also introduced him to the gospel but his mother did not like it.  She is Buddhism.  One time his leg was injured previous and need surgery, I did go to see him at the hospital and saw his family.  When I was working at North Point, we talked a lot on the phone, since this job was very boring, and also because of his leg he stayed home all the time.  After a few months, he did not come to the phone and I think he had another girlfriend during that time.  When I got to Hong Kong, I used to join the Stake choir and decided to sing at Christmas.  But because of the cost of dresses and shoes, I decided to leave the choir, and that the choir director insist that I should sing alto which was very hard for my voice, so I left.

During this time, I have change job and work at Hill Samuel Co Ltd., a financial institution.  There I met Ricky (my x husband), he was in bills. When I first arrived Franco was leaving and there came Colin take over his position.    
At that dinner where Franco was leaving.  I had accidentally dropped the golden fish into the water, which I did not know how such a heavy object can do that.  That signify the fish got his water, and I was so happy when I saw that.  I know that it is a sign to tell me that I may be able to find a husband there, so it was, because Ricky did became my husband, and he was there at that time.

On July 31, 1980, which was a holiday in Hong Kong, and I was bored since I have no place to go.  I remembered that Ricky had give me his telephone, but I can't remember where I put it, so I asked Barbara whether she could give me his phone number.  Tammy liked Ricky at that time, but I don't really care, so I called Ricky up see if he got some activity I could join in.  Ricky said he'll be eating with his friend and nothing else, so we did went to eat and solved his friend Joseph P.'s marriage arrangement, and then we went for a movie, then we talked for a long time in the restaurant.  The next and next Sunday, I invited him to church, and then he got the missionary lessons and seemed to accept the gospel very well.  After a month, we decided we want to get married.  We were engaged on September 5, 1980, and was married on January 3, 1981.  He did get baptized sometime in August.  The date I invited him to church, Victor was back from London.  A lot of members of the church was amazed of the change of me.  I had been putting a lot of makeup on my face, unlike before I used very little makeup.
During this period I was very happy and peaceful and things go very well and work right along with what I want.  After marriage, we live at Norah's place taking up one room.

After marriage we went to the same church at West Point, but the Ward split into two.  We were in the Central Ward; I was called to be Young Women's President of the Ward.  During one project we were suppose to visit the sick with the Young Women’s.  We choose to visit Brother W (who is Stanley W.'s father), he was sick with cancer. When we were there, he was happy, and took pictures.  I had a feeling that this will be our last visit to him.   Later I also had a dream that he die, after a month later he did die.  I had told this to Ricky that night I had the dream, so he was expecting this too.

We finally decided to move back to the U.S. because I did not like my job and the people there, they were very hypocraft when they talk.  Ricky had been advanced to a dealer during the end of the year 1981.

On February 28, 1982, we moved to the United States, first we went to Hawaii to visit my parent and went on California since Ricky's job had a branch there; we want to get a job there.  We were living at A's place in Martinez, then looked for a place in San Francisco.  Our first apartment is a basement of a house; it cost us $350.00 per month those days.  We had been looking for job a while, then after a week I got a job in Tops & Trowser and do data entry work.
Ricky was still waiting for job at Banco di Roma, so he just got a temporary job from the church personal as payroll clerk.  Banco di Roma did not call him until 3 months after and he was hired to be a dealer.  He had to get up very early in the morning for this job.  After a few weeks he told me he did not like this job.  Before he got accepted to Banco di Roma, he was working at Bank of Canton for a while, then he talked to the boss and go back to Bank of Canton to work again, and they did hired him back.  There he met Mr. Y.T. L., they always went out together to get more commercial loans. 
During this days, we were working to have a baby, but we have tried and tried, until I , then finally on September 1983 I had a dream.  I saw a young  man coming into my womb, then I found that I did get pregnant.
During all my pregnancies I had spotting several times, and I got some Chinese medicine I bought earlier call "Thirteen Tai Po", each time when I had spotting I take those and it works and I used it with "Woman's pills". 

Before Christopher was born I got laid off from Top & Trowsers, they later asked me to go back to work, but I did not go back, rather I just stay home and watch Chris.  In August, Tina had bought me a fat baby to take care as she went to work.  Her mother was dead because of diabetic and lung problem; later Tina had adopted her as her daughter.

Ricky had applied for his mother to come to the U.S. and was accepted, so she came in October, 1985 with my father as he travel back from Hong Kong.  That one bedroom apartment was so clouded all of us live there with my father, Ricky's mom, and they slept in the living room.

We were trying to buy a house, so I have to look for a job again in order to qualify for a loan to do so, I had been working at DPAS on Van Ness for nightshift from 12:00am to 6:30am during that time.  I was also conceived with Sybil and working nightshift.  This was the most difficult time I have experienced all these year.  During the day I have to watch Christopher and sleep about 4 hours a day.  This is before Ricky's mom got here.  I started work there in June and work until Sybil's birth then we moved to our first house that we bought which is 1891 St Philip Ct in Concord, California.  Now I see the importance of money, especially when you need it.
One of this night, I had a dream about the temple. During this time the temple schedule was one hour each and have us wait for the long time before the next section start.
I saw a long line in front of the Oakland temple, these people consist of old and young, with casual dresses, some green, some yellow, some white, some Hawaiian shirt also. They were standing in the air, the further the line and higher they went up the air.   I assume there were at last 200 to 300 spirit there.  Then someone told me to go to the temple to get my 2nd endowment.  I came to the front and ask the men there, he said "you have to wait for all these people to get in first before you can get your 2nd endowment."  Then I left.  What does that mean?  I have puzzled about this dream for a long time. Finally I felt that I know the meaning.  The spirits that were waiting for the work to be done could be the number of endowments I should be working to get my 2nd endowment or calling of election make sure.  At those time, I had already done all of my ancestor’s genealogy and they were all baptized and endowed, so those spirits could not be my ancestors.  As the scripture say, Nether ye be make perfect without them, this could mean that this is the work we have to do in order to become perfect.   One time my bishop said they were required to attend 2 sessions of endowment every months as bishops.
For that comments I have confirmed that my interpretations is true.  The more endowments that we do will bring us toward perfection.  Work at this point was counted by angels. Each person may have a different numbers they should achieve based in the area they live and based on how much they were devoted to the temple work.
I never really counted how many times that we went to the temple because basically we go once each month, now we started to go for twice each month or more.  Basically if you go once a month it was only 12 times each year.  How many years can you ranch 200 times?  It was 16.6 years.

One time in Hawaii, I had a dream.  I saw a ship consists of all members of the church, I saw my high schoolmates, Glen and his friends.  My relatives especially my mother's brother's wife, they were all baptized to the church.  Recently she had die and I did the temple work for her, and reflect on this dream that I had.  This ship represents the Island of Oahu, Hawaii, and the people of the whole continent got converted to the gospel.

After I moved to Concord, I worked at DPAS in Concord for swing shift.  But later they had gone out of work in a few months.  So I looked for jobs again.  During that time, my husband had a business going with Mr. Chan in selling purses, I had been doing well in Real Estate in Century 21 at Lee Parker's Realty.  I did 2 transactions in 3 months time, there should be more but because of lots of problem arise during those transactions, they never did go through. 
I had been to several trade shows with Tommy and Mr. Chan, but I did not like the way it was operating, because it had too much expenses, especially airline tickets and rent for the show, it did not able to cover all the expense from the profit, rather it was negative most of the time.  During that year, Norah (my husband's sister) was here to help us with the trade show.   I had a difficult time then within our family and in-laws.  Norah and her sisters had been giving me pressure on their mother, because their mother had been working too hard at my place, which is her nature of just likes to work without stopping to rest.  I had told them there was no way for me to stop her from doing her things unless she got tied by a rope or be locked in a room without any thing to do there, then she might sit down and rest.  She needs to realize she need to rest for her body's sack.  They had been trying to take my children back to Hong Kong to them there.  During the year 1986 to 1987, my mother-in-law was back in Hong Kong with Christopher and Sybil for 4 months.  During this 4 months I did not feel happy at all without my children stayed with me.

During December 1986, I've got a job at Hulme and Hawkes Corp and I learned accounting there.  The bosses were bishops in the Antioch Stake.  They liked to stand and eat their lunches and talk.  I never eat with them because I told them I don't like social and I had nothing to talk about. I had a fun time working there.  They inspired me with their faithfulness and their straight forward in keeping the commandments of the Lord, unlike me, I am more rebellious.   During the 1990, I had a dream, I saw the office there was empty, everything had moved out when I went there to work.  Then I was trying to locate where they moved to and I was wondering around in the dream.

The next day, I went to work; I told my colleague Sandy that I had that dream.  After 6 months had passed, they did moved to Walnut Creek and I was not working there any more later because of not enough work and they hired more people.  Certainly I had already known that from my dream that I will be leaving that Company after they have moved.  I had known the exact date of this dream since I had recorded in my dairy, so the prophecy came true at exactly 6 months.  After that experience I had recorded all my dreams and counted the time of when it will come true, most of my dreams came true in 6 months, some was earlier in one to two months.

In July of 1990, I got my Real Estate broker license, so I had changed to work part-time at Hulme and Hawkes Corp.  Later during that year, I was helping A to take care of her accounting work and opening letters at her home three times a week.  During this year, I also did some real estate transactions in my new company name as 828 Company. So far this company is always positive in cash flow.  We had carefully pick out the name so that it will earned us money instead of losing money.

I always wanted to have 4 children and because of the difficulty in working outside of the house and also taking care of my children, I had talk to God about getting more money after having a child.  I told him it is very difficult for me to work like a dog and try earn more money and take care a baby at the same time and my husband never earned enough money for the whole family.  When I had Stanley, I had received $20,000.00 from my sister, somehow, someway the money comes which I don't even know why this money comes before Stanley was born.  He was in the womb at that time.
When I had Gordon, I had a dream, I saw a Chinese movie star came to me and ask me to married him, he said he will give me $30,000.00 to do so. He was constantly flying back and forth from Hong Kong to San Francisco.  After this dream, I was conceived with Gordon.  A few weeks later, I drove around in the Fremont district as A asked me about those houses, I saw a house for sale, and I just wanted to go in.  I was amazed with the size of this house, so I showed A on that same day and she liked it.  We wrote up a contract to the selling party and the deal was over in December 1992. Including the commission and loans fee it added up to $30,000.00.  So this dream came true in around 6 months.

After Stanley was borne, me and my husband both dreamed of a little girl to be borne in this family.  I thought Gordon was a girl in the earlier stage, since I got this dream.
I guessed there must be another girl coming in the future.
Before I got conceived with Gordon, I also had a few dreams about a young girl asking to come to our family.  I saw her 3 times before I say OK, I will try to have another baby, but he turned out to be a boy.  After Gordon was born, I dreamed of this young girl again, and she showed up on my dream the 4th time, she was begging me to have another baby, but I say no at that time, I thought to myself 4 is enough, but I might changed my mind in the future, who knows!  I told her to go to another family and I will adopt her later.
I read some instance that when the mother was not able to have children, there was some children came from another family and their parent die and didn't want them for some reason, then they will adopted to that family.  That instance was in the book "Embraced by the Lights".  Tina was also the same, she found out that she could not have children because her Filopian tube got jam and she later went for surgery to take out her ovaries after she adopted Leslie, may be she supposed to be her daughter in the pre-existence, but because of her condition, she had to go to another family to be borne and adopted to her later.  

We finally have our youngest daughter Rosanna in July 31, 1996.  She looks exactly like the young girl I saw in my dream, but she a bit skinnier than her spirit and a little more prettier.  Her skin is rosy as described like her name.  Now she is 3 years old already.
Time has gone fast.  When she was borne I’ve sold a house and received some money
 that year.  Hosanne was my tax client, he was like an angel helping me with my finance that year.  Later on in the next year, I also help him buy his house and arrange finance also.  Even though there is a lot of bad things happened to us this year, but I still feel that God is constantly helping and watching us closely.

On July 7, 1999, our window was widely opened. That night, I saw a ghostly figure came in from the window.  He was trying to take me and grubbed me on my hand.  I saw myself sleeping on the upper floor of my bed (my bed is one single bed with no upper bed) which means my spirit was sitting on the 4 feet floor above my bed.  I saw that ghostly figure tried to grub me, so I did a prayer and ask that God will drive him away.
The next thing I saw is I changed to a Golden Buddha and a power coming from my palm with Golden lights coming out from my palm and push away this ghostly figure, powerful as it looks, push him far away and he disappear.   Then I awake right away and went to the bathroom.  I was not scared at that time of what I saw.  What does this?
Golden Buddha means?  I believe this is call “the election made sure” or it comes to a point which I have reach that perfection of what is expected of this life.   There are one point I have already overcome is the “ law of Covet”.  I used to love money, whenever someone give me more than I supposedly to receive, I will not say a word and take it.
But now I would rather give it back, because I have already overcome this temptation after that event on “losing a great deal of money”.  In that dream I can actually see the
Power of being righteousness.  Another thoughts comes to my mind is that. Buddhism and Mormonism is the same.  They both believe that we can become Gods in the future.
Buddhism only believe in themselves, they believe just by themselves they can become like a Buddha.  The different of Mormonism is we depends everything on God.  We have to pray use his power by asking.  Everything comes from him.  I wonder if there is a point whether we can have our own power instead of asking for his assistance all the time? I am still searching, but I really doubted that if our power will be strong enough to withstand the power of Satan.  If there is no Satan around, may be we can use our own power.   Another thoughts came to my mind yesterday, and it said because this lifetime a time for our trial and test of faith, so we cannot exercise our power at this particular time even if we remember how to do it.  If we believe Jesus Christ, life will be much more present then those who don’t.  Just because we have lost our power at this lifetime, it also means that we will be tried and tried until we gain enough faith to exercise God’s power first and reach a point of perfection to exercise ours next.  When Allan died, he came back to A’s dream and told her that when he became a spirit, everything he wants, they comes to him, whatever he think of will come true.  That proves that when we were in the pre-existence we already have our own power within us, but we would not know how to use it, or may be we are unable to use it because of ignorance. When we reach our perfection or die, we will have the knowledge to use our own power.  Even though I saw myself turn into a Golden Buddha, it does not mean I have to change to believe in Buddha, because all Gods is the only one God, our God the Father.  Why is some people change their way from Christian to Buddha, that could be the answer, because they saw Buddha in their dream and they thought the only way to God is Buddhism, so they change to believe in Buddhism.  But they do not know what they are missing, if they know no matter what religion you believe, you are believing the same God, and he is the only way to perfection.  We are still in the development stage, without the power of him; we can never reach there. Many people thought once they reach the Golden Buddha stage, they have reach perfection, but this is only the beginning.  There are still many steps to go, before becoming gods and creation of things.  Even gods has many progress, different levels, different achievement, and different glories. Even in the highest kingdoms there are many glories. Even when you reach the highest glories, there are still more to go.  There are no limits and no ends to it.

Another thing I found out about God is there is no “time frame” on him.  Time is only for men.  This is why scientist has discovered time travel is possible.  Time is like a program in the computer; you can go back and forth.  If you can use time to reverse it, then the
Process of resurrection is easy to understand and comprehend it, while resurrection
Is the reverse of dying?  The memory band is the governing of the time.  When we die
We will go through and fast forward memory band of time as a flashback to see what we did in this life in a split second.  Our whole life has gone through for our judgement of our doings.  Bad or Good will show with “no hiding”.  We are our own judge of what we did.   When I had the dream about Gabriel came to me about Joseph Smith, he never tell me the event has already happened, so I got confused, I thought that event has not been happened yet.  Angel speaks with “no time frame”.  The people in the endowment session also reflect “no time frame”.  They mixed with present, past and future tense. At first I was so confused, I thought why are they speaking future tense when you know it already happened?  But I now understand because they have “ no time” governed.  This is why they are in the past, present and future at the same time.


In April 1996, in this period, I had a lot of dreams about flooding.   One of them is on April 9, 1996, I saw we went to a place with a lot of waters, and a great amount of water float down from the stair, then we hold the rod and try not to push away by the water.  Even Gordon was holding the rod and no body was heat. The next dream was on June 14, 1996, I saw a black sand beach, water come and go, and rising very fast. During this time there are great floats in USA almost everywhere, there was so much rainfalls.  The Benica Bridge was constantly floated and cannot go across.  That time I was still doing data entry for Domor, now has changed name to DPAS, so I had to cross the bridge everyday to get works to take home for keypunching. 

In April 15, 1997, I had a dream about many earthquakes, Oil coming out from the middle of the ocean; water was going into the earth.    During this time, there were about 30 times of earthquakes on the earth reported by TV and newspaper.  

On April 28, 1997, I had a dream, I saw the movie star Kwok Fuo Sheung, and I saw Gordon, he became Kwok, Gordon grow up real fast and looks like Kwok.  That dream may be a foretold that Gordon will become a very famous movie star or singer in the future.

In May 1997, I got an inspiration that I wrote down.  It said, Law is for people and not for God.  God abide with universal laws and not small law as we abide.  These laws are for people who needs them.  Once you perfected to a point which you become god, you will abide to universal law, which is unknown now as human.  God can eat meats as people and can enjoy them as well.  In heaven you have anything you want according to the universal law.  United order is only for training for human and it will not be in Heaven.

In May 5, 1997, Sybil and Stanley both saw a black figure rushing from the patio window to upstairs to my bedroom; I also saw the same event.  The figure ran very fast like a gust of wind and we all saw it.  That figure is an evil spirit or so call Satan.
I am glad they both have this gift that they can see spirits.  Stanley said that sometimes he saw vision of things before it happened.   

One Dec 1, 1997, President Kimball’s son came to speak in a firesight at the Stake Center.  After he speak, I talk to him and ask about whether the general authority needs to live the law of united order.  He said no, nothing was required from him when he was a prophet and certainly don’t have to give up all the money as some people thought would happened.

In April 1998, we had a dream, I saw there were a lot of moths flying, so I will take a flyswatter to hide them.  During that time there really did come a whole bunch of moths flying in the kitchen.  The amount of so much, so I bought 5 flyswatters to get them.
There was several months was like that, then finally we kill almost all of them, they still keep coming.  After a few months there was one or two show up now. During that time, in the news they reported a large amount of crickets in Idaho.

On June 27, 1999, I dream and saw there was fire and rhinestone coming out from the earth, it seems that the whole earth was involved.  The earth is cracking up and rolling into fire and rhinestone.  Lava was everywhere.  In the dream I heard God said, Go into the steel can and protect yourself, so me and our family stay in the large steel can.   No one can walk on the ground because it was turning into lava.  It was a terrible screen in that dream.   When I woke up, I said I am glad it was a dream.  In the month of July it was very hot, some of the people died because of extreme heat though out the world.  This weather is very strange, one day was cold around 62 degree F and the other day was 103 degree F and much higher than that.   This few year, the weather change very extreme, very hot and very cold, lots of floats sometime, lots of earthquakes,
Small ones.

On October  23, 1999, there was a Teacher Orientation, so I got registrated and then become a Substitute teacher after the examination.  There was so many conflict while I was trying to do this job.  My car keeps broke down, my voice lost and catch a bad cold.  I was trying to practice to become a better speaker by doing this job, but it was different from what I have expected.  I like to teach but the whole point for being a Sub. Teacher is to babysit, the main teacher do not give a
teaching lesson
but rather just leave the students some project to keep them busy.  Sometimes if they did leave a lesson there was no answer to the question, so how can you teach if there is no real answer to the questions?
It looks out the Lord don’t want me to do that.  This actually ends because of some teachers in 2 schools complaint to their principal, so they take me of the system in April 21, 2000.

On November 27, 1999.  My New Yorker has a oil split when coming out of the Bay Point exit and stop functioning.  I have seen this exact event in my dream way back in time.  I was so scared at the time, but I’ve directed by the spirit to stop the car by changing it to Park, otherwise it won’t stop.  Finally we found that it was a lose hose inside. 

On one other night I had a dream and I saw that there is a hole in the building which show the FUTURE, whenever I look into there, I saw something.  Then I find that this is called a VISION hole.

On December 13, 1999, I had a dream.  I saw Kimberlie had a ring.  I ask her to give it to me.  So she throw it on the floor.  A ring with a large RED RUBY on it.  It looks like a class ring, but the stone is very big.  I saw the stone become bigger and bigger very fast and soon it is bigger than a person. A spirit tells me on my ear and said “This is evil.” And then I take a hold of it and take advantage of it to fill my wishes.  Whatever I wish for I will get. And I saw a large truck.  There was 5 men going into the truck and turn into 5 women. Then the truck drive away.    I was puzzle by the dream that I had and I could not figure out what it means until the event happened on December 15, 1999.  On this day, Ricky has vomit a few times and had a server headache, he thought he had a stomach flu, I did want to take him to see a doctor, but I had to go to the compliance meeting at WMA, so I did not take him, when I got back he vomit again and looks very pile.  I asked that if I can take him to the emergency room, and he refuse to go.    On the next morning, I asked that if he is well enough to take Sybil to school.  I was substituting at Mt. Diablo High School that day, so I took Christopher with me, and Sybil has late class, so he was to take Sybil, Stanley and Gordon to school.  I told Stanley and Gordon to walk to school instead of waiting for him.  At 8:30 am I called home and check on him, I asked that if he can take Sybil and he told me that he still did not take Stanley and Gordon to School yet, (They had walked to school already at this time).  So I feel that he is mentally well now, so I asked Sybil to call Sister Jensen see if she can take her to school and at the same time, take Ricky to the Hospital to see a doctor.  After that I did not hear from home, so I try to call Ricky’s pager and page him.  Around 12:00pm the office call me and said that a doctor is trying to contact me, so I call them back and it was a Kaiser doctor called me and said.  Kaiser don’t have an emergency service there, so he has to transfer to the Mt Diablo Hospital emergency room.  So I said, “OK, go ahead.” Then he called me again and ask me to go there right away.  After lunch I had a prep. Period So I rush to the hospital, at that time, I still don’t know what is going on, because the Doctor did not tell me what is happening.  By the time I got to the hospital, the doctor talked to me and said he has a bloodclot on his brain and they have showed me the film. I went in to see Ricky in the room, he was already unconscious.  In the first day, I was very scare, because I would not know if he would die.  At this time, I had reflected on the dream that I had two days ago.  The ring represent the bloodclot growing very fast
And filled his brain.  The spirit said that This is Evil means that The Lord will not take him now and it means that he will live.  This is only an act from the Devil, so if we used the Priesthood power, he will live.  Kimberlie came back the Saturday evening, and she suggested to bring him some spiritual tapes to listen, so we did bring in the Hymns tapes for him to listen.  He did not open his eyes until Dec. 18. 1999 Ricky was unconscious since he was in the hospital. His left side body cannot move, in the first few days he can only moves his right finger to show that he can hear us. His eyes was closed then become conscious after One week. 

His sister Helen and Norah had flied over to see him on December 17, 1999.  They were really worry. We have give him a priesthood blessing on the first day when he was there by Brother Krey and one of the other brother.  On the 2nd day, he was still unconscious, so Bishop Pendleton and brother Krey has give him another blessing, and the whole ward has prayed for him.  There were sisters bring dinner every night for 2 weeks.  Ricky was in the hospital for 12 days, then transfer to StoneBrook Nursing Home.  The day he
Was transferred was a Monday Dec 27, 1999. Helen and the kids went down to A’s home to sleep over on Sunday evening, then I wait until he was transferred and settle before I go down and join them.  When he transferred he still cannot move his body.  Gregg & Karen also came on December 17, 1999.  Kimberlie came back on the 19th. Ricky was in the Nursing Home until January 21, 2000.  When he came out from the
The Nursing Home, he can walk with a walker, move almost all the muscles in his body but the left side is still weak.  For the first month after he came home he could not calculate correctly and mentally slow.  All the nurses in the Nursing Home said that it was a miracle that he can recover so fast.   Helen stayed until January 23, 2000, then she went back to Hong Kong.  At first Ricky slept downstairs, we have bought a
Brand new bed for him, then when his mom comes he moved back to sleep upstairs. After December 15, 1999, I did not work and stay home and take care of kids until March 24, 2000, then I went back to do substitute teaching, after one month of work,then I got a phone call from Mt Diablo School district saying that I will be taken off from the system.  So I am looking for other jobs. During the time in Stonebrook, there were a lot of things happened.  Brother Scott came to see Ricky everyday, sometime twice a day.  He really lift him up mentally, I went to see him 2 times a day, sometimes 3 times.  Helen went there in the afternoon and come home in the evening. The physical therapy really helps him a lot in recovering Ricky started to eat solid on Jan 12, 2000 for breakfast and dinner.  On Jan 14, 2000, the tube has been taken off.  He has the tube going from his nose to his throat since he went to the hospital for feeding food and nutrition purpose and he was not eating since.  The afterschool program start on January 24, 2000 which Stanley and Gordon stayed after school until 6:00pm everyday. We have started to take food from the Bishop warehouse on January 31, 2000 and was doing so until our financial gets better.

In July 2000, our family have a lunch meeting with Tina and Wendy K..  During conversation, Wendy told me that Tommy T. has moved to San Francisco.  When I heard that I was surprised, because I had a dream that he came to me and told me that he will be moving to San Francisco.  He was fairly happy in the dream.  I don’t know why I did not write down the exact day of the dream during that time, may be I did not believe it is true, and yet it did come true.

On September 26, 2000, sister Kwok died and I received an e-mail from P.Y. K. about it.  We went to the funeral at San Francisco, and met Colin and P. for the first time for more than 20 years of no contacts.  It is wonderful to see them again.  I was happy that day.  My mom just had a cancer surgery and she was at Stanford Hospital.  After the funeral we went to visit her.

On March 26, 1998, I had a dream that we bought a car, at first it was red and then it change to silver color, and the price was $12,322.00.  On April 2000, we did buy a car, which is Honda Civic, and it is the color of silver.  This dream has come true.
On May 18, 1994, I had a dream, I saw that I went to a large gym hall.  There were many people line up to register for the Death roll. I am also the one.  They even took my figure print and all the necessary registration.  Then one woman dress like a nurse came by and said, “ You cannot die yet, you have a special lesson to learn”, then I came back to my body.  This dream is so real.

Ricky had a seizure on July 31, 2000.  and also on October 7, 2000.  The first one was at his sleep.  His teeth was cracking together and shaking for about 5 minutes.  His whole body was stiff and cannot move.  The second one happened when he took his mom to NorthEast Hospital to see the doctor.  He was holding a few bottle of pills and they all fell down to the ground.  He was unconscious for 1 minute and then he awake.  He did not know that he was unconscious at the moment.  His mom call the nurse and she called me and ask where to take him to, so I told her to send him to Kaiser at San Francisco.  After they checked him out, they found nothing wrong, except that he did not take enough dough of Dilantin.  He only took 1 pill each day, which he suppose to take 3 pills each day. 

Starting on October 23, 2000, I worked at Venture One in San Francisco.  The job was referred to me by Robert Half Agency, which was referred to me by Tommy T. The paid was good compared to all the Temp job that I had before.  It can measured up the amount which Ricky has earned when he was in the bank.  So I can see that God has really watching us.

November 9, 2000, I did my eye surgery.  It is excellent.  I don’t have to wear any more eyeglasses. This fulfill one of my wishes for many years.

January 16, 2001, I saw a dark cloud over the sky, and I knew that something bad is going to happened.  On the news that night, El Salvador had an earthquake, more than thousand of people get hurt.  Last week, California beach area also had high tide and kill several people from the shore. 

January 26, 2001. In dream, I saw many destruction, one after another written in a form, one event after another.  I even saw World War III on the list.

March 16,2001, in dream, I saw myself go back to my ancestor’s time, and a messenger was with me, taking me everywhere and every person I met, they were all my ancestor.  We went some nice screenary place.  I met my ancestor, some very old, some young couples; they were all my father’s side of the family.  There was no kids there.  Then we went to a desert.  Then this messenger tells me that this is the place where my great great grand father was born, out in the desert, where no one know about him and don’t know who his father is.  His mother has an affair with his father, and he don’t know who his father was.  They were bought back together when we were there. Then he took me to visit his father’s family.  They were large family, and I met all of them there.  But they did not give me any names.  On the way back, I had to cross a brown bouncy river.  The road become very dark.  The messenger show me how to cross this river. On the way back I also had to fight with a strange animal look like a large bug.  I am very brave, and full of courage, and I win.  When the time the bug show up, the messenger was gone. 
When I awake, it takes me about 10 minutes to warm up myself.  My fingers and feet was cold like ice.

May 5, 2001, Stanley saw a black figure run into the room from the garage door.  Then our family have illness that week.   I had a bad sore throat and started to have a cold.  After the cold get well, it turns into a cough and then go back to a sore throat again, then I ask A to give me the Antibiotic.  After one week I get well.  Then all the other family member starting to have a cold and cough again. 

6/21/2001, in dream, I saw a follower from Satan.  Satan is trying to step on him.  The follower tries to fight back with another follower.  He was so mad that his horn came out form his head.  Then he saw me watching him.  He said.  Oh, an innocent and pure little girl.  I was so scared not sure what he is going to do to me. But he was afraid of me.  Then he has changed his mind not to follow Satan any more.  In this dream, I was surprise of how the other spirit sees me.  I saw myself in the dream too.  I was very young not more than 20 years old as a spirit and still look like a little girl.  I always thought that the angel have to guard the little kids 24 hours a day to protect them.  I learned that I was wrong.  Because innocent and pure already creates its own power to protect against the evil force.  This is why the little kids were protected and were untouchable by Satan, if they are in this stage and form  And I also leraned how God sees me and I know why God send angel to visi tme, so this is the reason.

9/8/01.  This morning I had a dream. I saw a long mirror, on the mirror I saw the name luvmaturelady on top of it, which I don’t know what it means.  On the tarot card, I saw the danger of Frank.  There was a death card with the youth.  During this time, I saw a lot of Tower card show up, which I am not sure what kind of disaster will come, but it looks like the tower is on fire.  On 9/11/2001, the disaster did come and it was forthtold exactly what it looks like in NY Twin tower.

10/16/2001.  Today my company laid off 13 people.  I was the lucky one that stay behind.  Our accounting department hasmoved to Virginia to have the work done there instead Daivd, Dolores and Dennis were on the list, but Dennis still stay behind as an dependent consultant now. 

11/13/2001. This morning I had a dream.  I saw sister H. and Mark H.’s father was coming for a party.  Mark’s father talk and I heard and said, he sounds like Mark.  Sister H. heard me and was unhappy.  Then I went out the door and was drinking and talking with another member of the church.  I also saw that some kids was refusing to pray and was asked by their teacher.  And then I saw some parent was throwing their babies around  and up the air, very dangerously.  Men were becoming wax cold, plus the children of the world were unwilling to pray to God.  God become so mad then he started to speak loud in the open air up above saying something about Harrison  and was quoting something. Me and the other member heard it and so as the other people in the chaple.  Suddenly, rain started to fall and high tide water rushing into the chapel.  The force of it was so great, everything started to fall down.  Even I was drown and during this time, I heard a voice saying.  Hold on, it will be over in a short while, then it will be over.  I thought I was dead in the dream, but I woke up and fear exceedingly.  I thought God must be mad at me for something.  He didn’t even save me in the dream.  I remember I was calling out loud in the dream saying “Help me, God”

11/18/2001.  I saw the newspaper today that in Algeria, there was a flood that kill around 701 people there.

On Nov 28,2001, George Harrison pass away. In my dream of 11/12/2001, the voice has mention this name above.

Dec 3, 2001. I find the meaning of my name Ellis means The Lord is God.  Today I bear my testimony in sacrament meeting.  There was one inactive guy came and said to me he was really impressed and hope that his wife was there to listen, later his wife got baptized, and also their children too. 



Feb 9, 2002. These few days there were flood and landslide on the news, about 40 people were dead from it.  Another place there were 1000 people were wash away by flood.

March 3, 2002, in dream, I saw Janie (Chris’s girlfriend) came to our house and planning to spend the date with him on Sunday.  In real life, I got up and wake up Chris to get him out of bed so he can go to church.  And in his mind, he did not want to go.  Because of this dream I saw.  I drag him out of his bed and make sure he goes.  This dream show me what his mind is up to. I told my kids about this dream.  Stanley said he was fightened by my dream that It is so real.  He is obedience, but he needs some push sometimes.  I told him about this too, so that he knows God is watching him

Feb 4, 2002, I built a website and publish it on the web, it is  I had a lot of visitors visit it.  There was a priest wrote to me and said my dream is from the devil.  I did not reply him, but later I got inspired and add more documentation into the site and give more explanation and clarification on the subject of revelation.  Since this site is up. Lot of people seen it and  I introduce to people about this site and some even order the book of  mormon.  This is a great way to bear your testimony to people, especially to investigators.  I guess the Lord is pleased with me of this, so he give me the explanation of my visits dream so I can fully understand the purpose of it. As of Nov 1, 2009, Geocities will be closed, so I made another website name to publish this site.

April 28, 2002, Sunday. I heard from the news that there were ternados in Missouri and in Maryland, destroying many houses, 8 dies, 1 in Missouri.  The wind did not die down until 2 days after.  The destruction was great.  There was also a great earthquake in Taiwan 2 weeks ago and create great damages.  During this time there are wars in Israel and Palestine, many people have been killed.  Tow of our apostles were sent to the foreign country to presides in other lands.

May 5, 2002. Today is Sunday, I have a strong feeling that P.K. is coming down to San Francisco to work or to live since last Sunday 4/28/2002.  I am not sure why, but this feeling comes, and we will seee if it is true.  This actually was true as I look at his seminar schedule.  He was indeed here in San Francisco These days. I had a dream that I saw him move to S.F to live his mother many years ago and it actually come true.

6/5/2002, In dream, I saw gandma Choy hold me at her back run to the bus, afer then she drop me off on the bus.  Then I find 2 magazines to read. On the bus there are old & young people, very crowded.  Then I saw grandma choy become young and has straight back, and I hardly recognize her (exactly 2 months after she dies)

7/1/2002.  I received an email from Stanley W.  I was surprised because he just never wrote to me before.  I discovered the HK mission .org and then find Wendy W.’s email address there, so I wrote to her and in turn her husband call up Stanley W. and give him my email address. 

9/8/2002, my computer crashed and I lost a lot of stuff in there.  I upgraded my computer to 80GB, added to 128mb Ram and change the CD to writable, and also I changed the A drive.    Chris also brought a laptop computer to use for his school.    I also have inspiration of the dream of Joseph about the 7 cows.  Cow in Chinese looks like years, and it does represent this way.  Baskets represent days because in Chinese it does looks like it.

10/14/2002  I started to learn violin through the teaching from the Holy Ghost.  I practice everyday and it certainly improved a lot.  That date, the holy ghost talk to me and said If you want to learn violin, let me teach you, just like I teach you piano.   On 9/15/2002 A ‘s party, I noticed that my dad went with A to her Fremont ward instead of the Christian church.  There were 4 missionaries showed up in her party. Mona also came with us to her party.   On 10/19/2002 we went to Great America, Ricky went to one of the ride with the 3D show, he said he wanted to thrown up, so he did not go at other times.
On Friday 10/18/2002 I went with Chris to the Los altos Know your religion series.  Chris has to take his friend home, so he did not go, but pick me up later.   Only a few Chinese people show up there.
They look like investigator because they were accompanied by a pair of missionaries

When I was chatting with some Chinese on AFF, I found that the Geocities websites were block by the Chinese government, so I created another website using my company website name, then I can still use it to introduce the book of Mormon to my Chinese friends. It has been visited by five to six people already.

3/3/2003,  I had a dream today.  I saw W. examine the diamond one piece at a time and the number of diamonds increase on the table at his Salt Lake City apartment.  I have to find a large bag to hold them.  Then I saw myself go to his factory and saw his secretary looking for the bag for me.  There are lots and lots of diamonds there.  Then the secretary made a comment that the diamonds are too expensive.  Then I started to go back home.  I started on this wild, long, flat, pathed road.  It is a nice road.   And I saw Wai wrote me a poem, and he describe the road that I am on.   The road is around 3 scoope long in the poem.  The poem has a beginning and an end.  I am the only one on the road.  And he stand in his apartment watching me for all these time. On the day I visit Utah in April 2003, that is what is exactly revealed.

From 8/7/2003 to 8/14/2003,  our whole family went to Hawaii.  We stay in the Queen Kapiolani Hotel for 2 days and then move to Gansin’s house the rest of the stay.  The first day we went to Pearl Harbor, Arizon Memorial and it was a long wait since there are so many people there.  Then we went to Ala Moana to shop for an hour, then our 3rd uncle treat us to a restaurant with lots of food that night.   Lot of left over.  On Saturday, we went to Polynesia Cultural Center.   We only have 10 tickets, so A and her kids did not go, only our family and Jim Li.   I contacted Grant Wai there, but he has to work.   On Sunday we went to Wendy’s ward, both us and A’s family, all together 11 people.  Wendy get to meet all of my kids.  In the afternoon, my mom’s brother treat us to dim sum restaurant, then we go to the Ala Moana Park picnic, and I invited Kevin L. and his family to come also.  We swim a little, then eat dinner there.  Kevin’s wife name Grace, a special Education teacher for kids, very sharp and she is Japanese.   His son name Jerry and is 18 years old and will be graduate next year.     Kevin asked me about Tommy T., he said his email doesn’t work, so I promised to give him his information on email.   8/11, we went to WaterPark with Gansin and his kids.  8/12, Wendy came to visit us and brought the kids 5 pack of chocolate and we talked for awhile, later we went to pay respect to our deceased ancestors, total 6 graves.   Grandpa, grandma, both side, and aunt Violet, and  Chau (Aunt Alice’s husband).  The most difficult to find grave is Violet (my dad’s sister).   In the afternoon we went to Ala Moana to shop until 3:00pm Janie treat us to the movie “SWAT”, then we went home for dinner.   8/13, in the morning we went to Swap Meet, I brought a mumu, a swimming suit, a hat, and a jade circle.  After that we went to Waikiki to swim and went home to dinner, then started to the airport to leave Hawaii back to San Francisco. 

9/1/2003, These few days I was sick with sore throat and was very irritated and I discover drinking honey is the best way to heal this illness.  The more pure the better.

10/8/2003. Today we went to KTSF to take pictures and will be on TV around Nov & Dec this year for the “faces of the bay Area”.

11/5/2003, that day we went to Costco to buy stuff,and we see the sky turn red and pink and ricky was saying how nice is the sky.   Then I told him that when the sky looks like this, there should be a blood event, earth quake or fire might occur.   That night we listen to the news, fire start in San Diego and was burning wild, it killed 22 people already and still spreading.  There are 5 fire head in different area in LA and later 30 people die from it.  Many have lost their homes.

12/27/2003, Sybil’s car was stolen by someone while parking at North concord bart station.  And the police called us about the license plate drop at Sun valley mall. In a few days, the police did find the car at the mall, but all broken up.

1/11/2004, I was called to be in the nursery and Ricky was called to be the assistant ward clerk.

1/26/ & 1/27/2004 I created 2 new websites.  Jesus Christ Testimony and the Spirit World.

2/7 to 2/14/2004, I went to New York and try to find out about the money in Chase Bank,  Sean T. never did come out to meet me, although he said he was there on the phone.  Frank pick me up at the airport, took me to a hotel $25.00 per night.  One the next day Sunday, his wife wants him to go to do tax, so he can’t come out after that time.  For the whole week, I was visiting places myself and keep trying to see Sean T., but no result. The people at his bank said there is no such person work there  The rest of the night is $40.00 each and I went to stay with Shiu Yee Li and I went to visit the statue of liberty myself and take some pictures.

3/14/2004, In dream I saw myself waiting for some people, then I saw James Y. singing karaoke and me too, singing at a large screen, very happy and enjoyable. 

4/13/2004,  I made a trip to Ghana from 4/13 – 4/26. 

5/3/2004, I was laid off from my company Venture one Corp, they were purchased by Dow Jones Inc. during April and I already had some idea they are going to take off my position.  Then A find out and ask me to work for her at her Fremont office. I started on 5/18/2004  Six days but only work 40 hours, and ½ day 2nd and 4th Saturday and take off Thursday. 

6/26/2004,  in dream, I went to bathroom and saw 3 ghosts coming out from the toilet and I was afraid to go there.    I also had a dream and saw myself went to a dark beach and I walk around the island and someone is leading me to go thru the trip.  AMC’s bathroom’s light did constantly went off 3 times recently.

7/2/2004,  in dream, I saw a fire shooting up to the ceiling and there is a voice saying.  Ellis Cheng, someone is using your name to rob the bank or doing something bad.  Then I find that I have a cell phone, so I use it to call 911 and report the event.   A few days ago, an LDS publisher saw my website and ask if he can publish my book, so I sent him my revised journal named ellisjl book form.

7/4/2004.   Tonight we went to watch firework and saw the same event of my dream of 7/2/2004. 

7/10/2004, In the month of May & June I paid double tithing, and the result I got double income, since I got laid off from V1 and at the same time I got another job from AMC.  In the month of June, I thought there could not be another miracle, but I got raise double on my bonus.  Another miracle happened by paying double tithing.  
The LDS guy said my story is not long enough, so the book did not get published, but will think of short inspirational stories with other authors.

7/24/2004, Charleston M. got married and invited me to his wedding.  His bride is a pretty girl.   I sang him the Hawaiian wedding song at the karaoke there.  Sybil came with me to the reception and the guy works in the Laser city is the DJ there.   He  sang lots of songs and some guests also did that, but most of them are English songs.   A few sang chinese songs.   At the same table, there is a guy last name is Cheung, he looks so much like W. when he was young, especially his mouth.  

7/31/2004,  Today is Rosanna’s 8 year old birthday and also her baptism.  A and Lisa came to see her baptism and afterward we have dinner at home.  A few days ago I had a dream, I saw a black train is going from one bed to another bed circling once.  We prepared all the raod for the train to come by and circle it.  When the train get to our bed, we skip in and have the ride.   I have a strong feeling on this dream, but not sure what it means.  

On November 10, 2004, we filed divorce paper.

On May 2005, A treated us to a cruise.  We have fun.  On July, Gregg also treated us to a trip to Hong Kong. We also enjoyed it.   They are trying to help us to get back together, but there is no success.  

July 2005, After we came back from HK, I changed back my name to Ellis Li, and find a house at 304 Camaritas Ave, S San Francisco, CA  94080.  WE also changed phone # to 650-589-8588.  I also changed my cell phone to 650-270-9501.   I bidded many houses to buy, but there are no success.  Finally I decided to rent and find a place here in S San francsico.
We went to Sunset ward and Chinese branch for Relief Society.   I talked with the branch president there at the Chinese branch.   He don’t seem too please that we attended their ward since our children like to listen to English language than Mandarin, so I decided to register my record to the Sunset Ward.   We moved on 8/20/2005.  2081 Rapallo was also seld to Harry Singh for $560,000.00 and are pending.  WE have moved many days to clear up the houses about 3 weeks on weekend.   The kids school are close by with walking distance.  I quit satisfy with this part, so they can develop to be independent.   Ricky & grandma registered to the senior housing and still waiting for accept.  They also live with us now temporary since they have no place to go. 

On 8/28/2005 we went to church at Sunset Ward. Stanley went with us that Sunday and find the seminary time and classmates. 

On Nov 9 to 11, 2005, I went to Utah to see houses, Jerry L pick me up at the airport and we went to see several houses the next morning. I put an offer on a house, it is a short sales, I waited for more than 3 months and still not result, so finally give up and find another house.

While I live in South San Francisco, I dreamed of flood all the times, which I dont know why. While I livei n Utah, I don't see this kind of dreams. And I also find out that I don't have enough sleep, I don't have dreams.

On January 26, 2006, my father got sick and went to the hospital, he was having a lot of health problem. He died on April 1, 2006 at 9:20pm at the nursing home. After a few days, I was working at the clinic and someone bring me his belongings, in that instance I feel his smell and I can tell he was next to me. Now I knew that spirit carry that physical smell from his body when he died. A is in Hong Kong that time and I have to take care of everything.

On March 31, 2006 I close my first house at Provo, Utah and rent it out right after. I was not there so I ask Wai to walk thru the house before the final closing.

On April 8, 2006, my brother Gregg come to US for my father's funeral on April 15, all my brothers and sisters give talk at the funeral including me. During these time, strang thing happened to me. One morning my radio automatic turn off by itself, it usually turn on as an alarm, but someone has push the button to turn off. It seems like someone has turn it off for me.

On May 2 2006, in dream I see my father, he was following me, I saw him in a mirror, wearing a pink color dress shirt, very nice looking. he looks like 40 years old with his eyeglasses. He seems lost. But he said he likes to follow me. He did got baptized in 2005.

On June 30 2006, Me, my children, A and Kim, Jon Jon all drive up to Orem, Utah, we stayed there for a few day at A's Townhouse.

One June 4,2006, in dream I saw my father again, he seems like he wants me to do many things for him. He mentioned about his bank accounts, things he wants to buy. My mother saw him too, and this is eight weeks after he died. He is about 40 to 50 years old and looks much younger than the time he died. And again he still follow me around.

On July 25, 2006, starting this month, Israel & lebanan are in war.

On July 27, 2006, I closed my second house at Orem, Utah. The realtor find me 2 roommates and I plan to move up there in September. Wai help me find some furniture to the townhouse.

On September 25, 2006, I move up to Utah and take some simple stuff. That weekend is the missionary Reunion, on the way there I saw Stanley W driving his car, but he did not see me. A lot of people up at this meeting.

I have doing a lot of tempary jobs during this time for about six months, finally I got accept at the post office and at the same time I got a job at IHC, West Valley, Utah. In December 2006, the full month I work with one of the art store at University Mall and draw portraits for people. I think I earn about $900.00 that month. That time I was studying to pass the Utah broker exam, so I was so tired. In November 2007, I brought a house close to my work place. At first I thought it is difficult to do, because I did not have enough down payment to buy another house. But a still small voice told me that it is possible. Then I found a loan broker to help me work out this deal, we come up with a 95% loan to value ratio and are able to close this deal. Through faith and courage I can able to do this.

During Thanksgiving time, A and my children came to visit me and have thanksgiving dinner here in Utah. I was happy. At time I met a Mexico guy online and I invited him to come to play mahong while they were here.

On January 28, 2007, in dream I saw earthquake, and saw landslide and then I walk on the street, I saw volcano, fire and smoke coming out from it, also evil spirits come to rape people, green color thunder came down and strike people. I was running and afraid that the thunder will hit me. Then I go back to the hotel and hide there. And then I saw the buildings are coming down. But at least I am safe at the hotel.

On February 17, 2007 I went to Chinese new year celebration at the U of U. I invite Juan B to go to see it.

On April 4, 2007, my mother went back to Hong Kong to live at a nursing home.

June 30,2007, in dream I saw a beautiful tiger came into my house, then to my backyard, he came two to three times and then show up at the building. I was frighten then. Although he did not hurt me. Then I awake. I don't know what it means then, but I know now. Because after one year I met a guy who is born of tiger.

On July 4, 2007, David Y came to visit me with his wife, talk to me about divorce. I thank him of his concern. Truely he was the first who ever talk with me about it. No body ever care. But I feel that I like to explore, I find out that I am an adverture person. I like different experience and wants to experience different things in life. I don't want to stay the same as before or go backward. I only like to look forward and live a new live. The dates in Utah, I have no friend. No one ever call me or even say hi. May be what I am looking for is difference. But my local wards friends treated me very nice, and I appreciate it. I enjoy chirst-like love from them. I was always wondering why am I in Utah. Now that I look back in time, I saw my accomplishment. Using the faith, courage and listen to the still small voice, I am able to perform things that I could not perform before. I went to a lot of real estate courses (no money down, accumlate wealth by real estates by leverage) before, but I never have the courage to try out those knowledge and method to purchase property like I did now. In these three years times, I accumlate three properties and earning money from it. Although my salary at work is small, but I still able to survey and make the best use of the properties. During these time being alone, I learn to listen to the spirit and act on it and see the benefit from it.

In the dates I live in West Valley City starting June 2008, I joined the chinese Orchestra and play iy-wu there. I enjoy it and become better in the instrument. I also joined the Chinese choir and there are lots of chinese there. I enjoy the followship there. Sometimes they have karaoke parties and lots of people show up. I met Danny there. Later on I find I already knew his son who was in Provo ward. Danny is a very talented person especially the way he play piano. I felt that we have a lot in common.

On August 24, 2007, I went to film the movie "Yankles" as one of the chef in the restaurant. Only one day film.

On January 20 2008, in dream, I saw I was bathing, and a lots of beans and black worms came out from my bottom . I dont know what it means at the moment. On April 16, 2008, I find out that my tenant roommate has cancer in her tummy weigh 30 pounds and was taken out at the hospital. Then I know what those beans and black worms means.

On March 20, 2008, in dream, I saw that A was moving, I saw a piano move there. And I saw people move there, and I saw a check was given to me, I saw a large backyard house. and I saw Ricky was helping the move. This dream come true in two years, I will be moving to A's rental house in January 2010. I was offer a job there.

On May 5, 2008, in dream, I saw a boat fly to the sky, one side is all water, very strang. One that same night, news report in Burma, 10,000 died, cyclone, at first 3,000 died and then later 10,000 people died.

On June 21, 2008, in dream I saw my sister-in-law Karen's mother died, and she showed up in front of me. In real life, she died on June 28, 2008 at 2:48 am.

On Jun 29, 2008 to July 6, 2008, me, Ricky, chris, Sybil, Stanley, Gordon, & Rosanna, Alex, Kim, Jeremiah, Allen, A, Jason all went to this Alaska cruise. We have a good time on the boat. This bring back memory of our first trip to America on the ship.

During June 2008, my third son, Stanley got his mission call to Hong Kong, so he came to Utah on July 30, 2008 to go to MTC at Provo. During that week, the chinese orchestra performed.

On June 7, 2008 I brought home one cat name T. His birthday is February 5, 2008. Kim moved to CA this month and brought a house in San Jose.

On May 21, 2009, my mother died at 8:30pm at Mt Diablo Hospital, she was baptized before she went back to Hong Kong. After she came back from Hong Kong, we were also sealed to our mother and father at the temple. I went back to her funeral on June 7 and also went to Tina K's memorial service. That morning I went to the temple for endowment and saw their whole family show up. I was surprised and so as they.

On July 16, 2009, in dream, I saw my mother, she looks like around 55 years of age, way different from the way she looks when she died. She ate lunch with us. We were talking and laughing like before as family gathering.

On August 22, 2009, in dream, I saw my father and mother together, looks like they are looking for jobs, and I saw my children too and they enjoy family gathering.

On Sept 25, 2009, we had a missionary reunion held at BYU Provo. Lots of missionaries shows up. We had 6 area show on the screen and each missionary introduce themselves and what they do. It is such a great event and technology to able to do this. The areas are Provo, Hong Kong, Austrialia, Canada, Hawaii, Los Angeles.

On Oct 24, 2009, we had another missionary reunion held at Ah Hong restaurant here at Salt Lake City, about 200 people showed up. I saw Tommy T there and I find out he already moved to Utah since 2000, that is a surprise.

Oct 31 2009, a visit from an old friend Kevin L from Hawaii. After dinner we sing karaoke. The day before, I also have a karaoke party with my co-workers and they enjoy it.

Nov 4, 2009, recently I have a few thoughts I want to write down. A few weeks ago, I was very depressed, or other people called negeative vibration. How to overcome this? So I went to the temple and that negative feeling was gone. Then I can really tell that depression are from Satan. If we can stay positive and happy, then Satan will not pull us down. Sometimes, I wondered if fate are from God or from Satan. May be Satan does not have this much power to control the fate for all the people, but it seems like many things that we want does not always come true. It seems like we fight and fight and we still cannot control our destiny, it seems like something control our destiny, especially in marriage and love destiny. You don't always get what you want. I heard some people said, the one you marry may not be the one you love. That is already showing that we cannot control this part of life. Something or someone is controlling it. Do you say it is Satan or God? In this life, I feel that I fight with Satan all the time, when I was young, I don't believe there are such evil people on earth, but sure there is, they are influenced by Satan to directly tear you apart. I was at war all the time with the evil one. Talk about divorce. since we have the freedom of choice in this life, certainly there are chances we made wrong choices. So it must be that we need repentance so the atonement of Jesus Christ can work for us. What if the church does not allow divorce when we made wrong choice, then it is terrible. We will stuck with the wrong choice for eternity and never be able correct ourself. Sometimes I wish that God will command who my mate is, so I don't have to make that choice. Then it is strictly obedience at this point. Then can you say is it good or bad if this happened? I would prefer it as strictly obedience. Then there is "no choice". In the movie, many people said, I fight with fate, I don't give up and fight to the end. Is it good to fight the fate or "flow" with it. if we are to flow with it, does it mean we are going the way Satan wants? Buddlism said, to live a happy live, "flow" with fate and don't fight it. But I tried, I don't feel that happy. May be I should fight it. Then is that the right answer? I find that there is a big difference between Buddlism and Mormonism. Buddlism believe that as a person, one needs to control their emoition, love, affection, and even to a point with no love, just deal with logic and justice, leave their family to self improvement, everything is SELF, SELF and SELF center. But in Mormonism, God show his love way back to the old testiment time. You can feel God's love on everything that he do, through Jesus Christ, his only begotten son, everything is love. He give us everything and never ask back anything, but just to keep his commandment, and then he bless us when we keep the commandments, each commandments comprise of a blessing, he gives revelation to prophets to show us the way back to heaven. Can you see the difference now? Anyone like to comment on this, please write to me by email.

On November 8, 2009, we have stake conference, a seventy was here, and he talks about the love of God, very similar to my previous comments.

At the end of October, I suddenly wanted to move back to California. I was talking to my sister and her clinic manager is going to leave in January 2010, so I told her I want the job. Everything was all planned out including housing and moving. I was still wondering the advantage these three years in Utah. What is the purpose? God knows. I still have blank to fill in and I don't think I have find it yet.

One day I received an email from my friend, a messenger from the Lord. He told me about his miracle of healing. I believe it because whenever you have charity for the benefit of other people, it always works. And that is Faith. In my life, I use faith to learn piano without a teacher, iywu, violin by listening to the still small voice. I use faith to control the approximate birth time of my children. I use faith to learn to make websites and publish my own dreams. I use faith to control the finance of my family . I use faith to pay double tithing and receive double business and money. I use faith to learn to set up my own recording stereo and able to make my own CD's. I use faith to learn to knit and to paint. One of my friend told me, why are you so capable to doing everything? My answer is "Faith works miracle, faith can move mountains." As so much alive God is, he lives like me and you. Although we don't see him, he is alive. I told my friend that I don't have control of my love life, because it involves a person freedom of choice. As the example of God, he gives freedom of choice to people. You can't force other people to do what you want. And you can't cross the line to take away the freedom of choice of other people. So marriage is still in the hands of God. It seems like I can't use faith to control that part of life. May be some day that will change. It's the time of God is difference from the time of me. So you can't say, I want this and I will receive it at this moment by using faith. Even prayers have to fit what God's will in order to become true. Lots of people said love is selfish, if you are NOT selfish, probably you don't get what you want. And if you have charity, you give instead of taking everything to yourself. You wish that person to be happy instead of owning him. Then what is the answer to this? I don't really know, if any one has comment, write to me by email.

12/12/2009, I had a dream. I saw I went back to California. The place I live has a ceiling floor, and lots of people are there. It is like a market place. Cats pairs up, and people socialing. I went back to downstair and I saw my mother, she asked me how is everything. I was busy with some kind of project making something.

1/19/2010 I started my job in Fremont, very pressure job.

7/9/2010 Stanley is back from his Hong Kong mission after 2 years of service. 7/10/2010, my daughter's boyfriend got baptize into the church. 7/18/10 we visited the Sunset ward and I find that one of my father's friend become a member of the church. I even had a dream few years ago and saw that event, but I don't have a way to find out whether that is true or not, until I saw her today at church and she came and talk with me. Then I know that it has came to pass. She said it is a miracle that I saw that in my dream.

2/28/2011. I dreamed a dream, saw tsunami, water coming up very fast and hugh, people running, crying and dying. People running up to the hill and yet the water is coming fast, many dies. I was there up on the hill watching all these happened. On March 11, 2010, there is an 9.0 earthquake in Japan, more than 10,000 people die, they was killed by tsunamis and still searching for the survivers.







More to come......